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  • New theme: Basic Blog Theme

    There are a lot of modules available on DotNest, but not that many themes to style your sites. You asked for more, and we listened: the Basic Blog Theme by Márk Bartha is now available for all DotNest sites!

  • Weekly Podcast 06/13/2017

    Meeting Notes:

    ·         Status:

    o   0:05 - Fixing displaying layout content and aside zones (#7716).

    ·         Status on Orchard.Core:

    o   1:07 - Adding RequiredFeaturesAttribute (#795). - There was a talk about this on last week's meeting.

    o   1:22 - Updating Castle.Core version (#815).

    o   2:42 - 'pwdvalidation' branch: Prevent Setup if the password is invalid.

    o   3:18 - Fix log filename format (#820).

    o   3:45 - Fixing the shape factory events (#816).

    ·         Topics:

    o   6:05 - A new website using Orhcard: http://lycamobile.us .

    o   9:25 - Using relative file names in tags in Media Management. Solving performance issues.

    o   13:05 - Discussion about using Liquid-based syntax for tags and making Liquid faster.

    o   20:00 - Talk about Fluid. What is it, features, and comparing it to Liquid.

    o   28:00 - Liquid usage in Dynamic 365 and talk about the templating language.

    o   39:00 - Future of Orchard development and adding new features after Orchard.Core will be released.

    o   43:00 - Looking at the Roadmap.

    o   46:51 - Status on Media Library and talk about media management. 

  • Sending texts via Twilio in Orchard CMS

    A simple Orchard CMS module for sending texts via Twilio.

  • Adding a cookie consent pop up in Orchard CMS

    This is the simplest of modules for adding a cookie consent pop up to your Orchard CMS website.

  • Algolia search integration for Orchard CMS

    If you haven't heard of it, Algolia is a pretty neat hosted indexing/search service; it's a bit like Lucene in the cloud, but extremely fast. Now thanks to our new Algolia Search module you can very easily plug in Algolia search into Orchard CMS!

  • Orchard CMS Content Control Wrapper

    I find that many contributors to websites hosted on Orchard CMS love the feature that puts a link directly on the content that takes you to the edit view for that content. How to use it?

  • Multi-user blog with proofreading tools and automated content sharing - Microsoft Student Partners case study

    There is a blog for the Hungarian Microsoft Student Partners developed by Márk Bartha and Dominik Földi here on DotNest which is a great proof of how far you can get using only the built-in DotNest features and the Media Theme for theming. Microsoft Student Partners are a group of university students who are enthusiastic about Microsoft technologies, regularly organizing meetups and workshops in their country. This blog has been written in Hungarian but it's still a really good example of a nice and heavily customized DotNest website.

  • Weekly Podcast 06/06/20176

    Meeting Notes:

    ·         Status:

    o   0:05 - Added check for duplicate path (#7725).

    o   0:18 - Set snippet field properties on blueprint (#7718).

    o   0:59 - Adding a new interface in order to allow extending content queries (#7717).

    o   1:32 - Fixing that Orchard.ImportExport had an unused project reference to Orchard.MultiTenancy.

    ·         Status on Orchard.Core

    o   2:25 - Work on the 'media' branch.

    o   2:50 - Refactor IContentItemIdGenerator (#796).

    o   3:40 - Work on the 'liquidQueries' branch. - Fixing readme.

    o   3:53 - Missing permission check (#799).

    o   4:14 - Added an overload of Combine method (#805).

    o   4:30 - Add ability to remove MenuItems (#780).

    o   4:50 - Work on the 'watching' branch.

    ·         Demos:

    o   5:30 - New attribute: RequiredFeature. https://github.com/OrchardCMS/Orchard2/pull/795

    o   13:15 - Progress and improvements on the Media Library followed by a discussion about this topic. Related issue: https://github.com/OrchardCMS/Orchard2/issues/561

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