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  • Weekly Podcast 07/11/2017

    Meeting Notes:

    ·         Status:

    o   0:05 - Orchard.Dashboards should use the existing bootstrap.css from Orchard.Resources (#7756).

    o   0:25 - Adds support to LocalizationStreamParser for po entrys spanning multiple lines (#7752).

    o   0:46 - Merging 'origin/dev' branch into 'feature/admin-theme'.

    o   0:56 - Fixing build, rebuilding assets ( no changes).

    o   1:02 - Fix Taxonomy TermAdmin link.

    o   2:11 - Admin theme branch merged into dev.

    o   2:27 - Drive-by typo fix (#7769).

    ·         Status on Orchard.Core:

    o   3:22 - Work on 'workflows' branch.

    o   4:05 - Working on the Liquid support for the theme engine. -  More TheBlogTheme Fluid Views.

    o   7:00 - Expand Flow's widget size.

    o   7:14 - Fixing login (#851, PR# 861).

    o   7:27 - Update OrchardCore.Cms.csproj (#865).

    ·         Topics:

    o   7:40 - The Templates feature.

    o   12:15 - A bug in the 'media' branch. Talking about a possible solution.

    o   15:17 - Thing we can extend from the Templates.

    o   19:02 - Discussion about using preview versions.

    o   21:15 Enlisting Orchard.Core on .NET Summer Hackfest 2017.

    o   28:40 - Looking at

    o   30:25 - Talk about what will be accomplished in the near future for Orchard.Core (localization, documentation, start up recipes)

    o   35:37 - Ecom

  • Weekly Podcast 07/04/2017

    Meeting Notes:

    ·         Status:

    o   0:22 - #7055 changes taxonomy weight (#7709).

    o   0:32 - #7713: View compilation with MSBuild (#7732).

    ·         Status on Orchard.Core:

    o   1:10 - Work on workflows.

    o   1:55 - Media fixes.

    o   2:03 - Working on integrating Liquid as a view engine.

    o   3:40 - A quick look at this Orchard 1 PR: Adds support to LocalizationStreamParser for po entrys spanning multiple lines #7752

    o   4:20 - #850 Support service suppression (#853).

    ·         Demos:

    o   4:40 - Update on the work on media management.

    ·         Topics:

    o   8:55 - Creating widget easily with templates and a discussion about templates.

    o   16:25 - Talking about 'Using orchard from the Orchard CMS bundle no longer works #862' which is a duplice of 'error with orchardcore-preview build 2561 #857'. Looking after what could cause this error.

    o   23:56 - Talk about workflows.

    o   31:20 - Some talk about the Admin Theme.

  • New module added: Feed Aggregator

    Most of the time you don't just want to have a website standing alone but you also want to hook it up with other services, social media integrations being the most basic example. Now we added the Feed Aggregator module to give you more options: It allows you to automatically sync content from RSS and Atom feeds to your DotNest site. So if you want to import content from other blogs, embed images from a remote image gallery or list videos from a YouTube channel, now you can do this easily.

  • New Feed Aggregator module for Orchard CMS

    Did you ever wonder: "Hmm, I'd really want to build an RSS reader just for myself"? No? Well, no problem, because now you can do it any way! With our new Feed Aggregator module released for Orchard CMS you can synchronize RSS and Atom feeds to your Orchard site.

  • Sending texts via Twilio in Orchard CMS

    A simple Orchard CMS module for sending texts via Twilio.

  • Adding a cookie consent pop up in Orchard CMS

    This is the simplest of modules for adding a cookie consent pop up to your Orchard CMS website.

  • Collecting Orchard usage telemetry with Azure Application Insights - module released

    You can't base decisions on assumptions. What you can't measure you can't manage. Familiar? Of course, and what you want to do with your software is specifically what's hinted: measure how people use it. Azure Application Insights is a tool for this, being an application telemetry service. Now we created an Orchard module for it for easy integration!

  • Exporting and importing linked content items

    I am working on a software based on Orchard CMS. My module defines multiple content item types which reference each other. How to implement export and import for them?

  • Get your modules ready for Orchard 1.9

    Orchard 1.9 is just around the corner (don’t ask me exactly when it will be out, instead go and help with the remaining high priority bugs), and if you own existing Orchard modules, now is a really good time to test them against the latest 1.x build. You should be mostly fine as the new version doesn’t introduce significant breaking changes (that we know of), but there is one thing that you may have to do nonetheless to build a compatible version of your code.

  • Writing an Orchard Owin middleware

    So you heard about how fancy Owin is, with all of its loosely-coupled thingies? Well, it's now in Orchard: as you may have heard on this week's Community Meeting, you can now write Owin Middlewares in the Orchard-y way. Let's see how!

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