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  • Weekly Podcast 06/16/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Status. Suggestion: we shouldn't delete columns in migrations (for backwards compatibility between deployments), just remove them from the Create() method.
    • 22:57 - Discussion on how security vulnerabilities should be announced/communicated. There is a new security vulnerability that is not disclosed yet, Sébastien is working on the patch.
    • 28:05 - Demo by Siyamand Ayubi: collaboration and ticketing system for Orchard. Content types can be extended with a content part that enables users to create tickets related to a content item with several other settings. Tickets can be interacted with in several ways, for example by assigning them to groups or users. The module has strong integration with built-in Orchard features (e.g. Tokens, Workflows, Emails, Projections). You can check out the intro website for the module and clone the source code.
    • 48:57 - Demo by Sipke: improvements and additions to the IDeliverable.SlideShows module. Many new settings/customization features were added, like extensible slideshow animation providers. This module is now available for licensing.
    • 1:06:15 - Announcement by Lombiq: DotNest is now integrated into the Azure marketplace through a so-called Resource Provider. This allows you to create Orchard sites on DotNest using your Azure subscription.
  • DotNest Orchard sites now available in the Azure Marketplace

    It wasn't exactly easy to do, but now DotNest is even more integrated into Microsoft Azure: you can created DotNest Orchard sites as an Azure App Service, from the Azure Marketplace!

  • Weekly Podcast 03/03/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Agenda.
    • 02:23 - Status: bugfixes, 1.9 is almost release-ready, discussing various ways of showing/hiding content shapes.
    • 22:37 - Daniel's (IDeliverable) PowerPoint demo: a suggested rehaul of the New/Content admin menu.
    • 29:14 - Joshua's (Microsoft) and Zoltán's (Lombiq) demo: Azure Application Insights integrated into Orchard as a module, and it's open source!
    • 1:01:43 - Almost every issue resolved for the upcoming 1.9 and 1.8.2 releases. We'll have an integration branch just for bugfixes and on Thursday's Developer Meeting we'll triage any new bug reports that might be preventing the release.
  • Collecting Orchard usage telemetry with Azure Application Insights - module released

    You can't base decisions on assumptions. What you can't measure you can't manage. Familiar? Of course, and what you want to do with your software is specifically what's hinted: measure how people use it. Azure Application Insights is a tool for this, being an application telemetry service. Now we created an Orchard module for it for easy integration!

  • I Love Orchard CMS, And You Should Too

    I have been playing with several CMS solutions in Azure Websites. For instance, I recently built a site for my son’s high school football team using DNN. Lately I have been tinkering around with Orchard CMS. Simply put, I am in love. 

  • Orchard On Azure

    If you’d like to run Orchard on Windows Azure then you have two options. The easiest is to use a Windows Azure Website. Orchard can also be run as a Windows Azure Cloud Service and will store media files in blob storage if it’s running in this mode.

  • Deploy Orchard To Azure Using TFS

    Deploying Orchard to Windows Azure using Team Foundation Service TFS and Visual Studio 2012 is quite easy (once you know how ;-)

  • Configuring NHibernate Second Level Caching For Azure Using On-role Caching

    This post shows how to install memcached-based second level caching on Azure.

  • Running On Windows Azure Server 2012 And .NET 4.5

    These are the steps for running Orchard on Windows Azure Server 2012 and .NET 4.5

  • Git Publishing Orchard To Windows Azure

    Windows Azure has a really nice feature that allows you to push deployments from a public Git repository on GitHub or Codeplex as well as push deployments from a local Git repository on your development PC. In the near future, Azure will support private Git repositories as well. You can easily use Git Publishing with Azure and an Orchard CMS Website with the addition of 1 file that needs to be added to your Orchard Website!

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