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  • Introduction To Orchard 1.4

  • 404: this page does not exist

    Who knew a broken link could actually be useful? In this article, smartly set-up as his own site's 404 not found page, David Hayden teaches us how to create our own personalized 404 and 500 error pages in Orchard.

  • Display Edit Links Around Content and Widgets

    As promised, I have been blogging about undocumented and relatively unknown changes in Orchard 1.4 after blogging about What's New in Orchard 1.4. We all know about the new Projector Module, Autoroute, and the new Orchard Fields and performance enhancements, but there are a lot of other changes in Orchard 1.4, too. First, I blogged about how DataMigration Classes in Orchard Automatically Update, which is something useful to Orchard Web Developers who develop custom Orchard Modules. Now I want to talk about the "missing" edit links around content and widgets, which is important to those administering Orchard Websites.

  • Data Migration Classes Automatically Update In 1.4

    I've talked about the main new features in Orchard 1.4 in a number of Orchard CMS Tutorials. Various features like Autoroute, Projector Module, new custom fields, and Orchard performance enhancements are a wonderful addition to Orchard. Now I would like to write a series of blog posts about those features in Orchard 1.4 that aren't so obvious and probably not even documented. Unless you are an Orchard Web Developer who has been developing Orchard Websites for quite some time, you are probably not even aware of these changes. First Up - Orchard Data Migration Classes Automatically Update in Orchard 1.4.

  • What's new in Orchard 1.4

    Orchard 1.4 was released the other day and has some very important features as well as a lot of bug fixes and performance enhancements. It also comes with some breaking changes that will make upgrading to Orchard 1.4 a bit more effort. Since the Orchard 1.4 release notes just don't capture the coolness of this release, I thought I would play Orchard Developer Evangelist for a day and provide much more detail and context around the new features in Orchard 1.4 and why now is a great time to learn more about this ASP.NET MVC Content Management System ( CMS ).

    The main new features in Orchard 1.4 include Autoroute and Alias, Projector Module, and new Fields.

  • Orchard 1.4 Is Here!

    Finally! Today we officially announced the new Orchard release - version 1.4. It's a big step forward from the previous, 1.3.10 version, both in terms of performance and features.

    Unfortunately, it comes with a price... There are some breaking changes which might cause some modules to stop working. Especially those modules that utilize the routing features (ie. deal with all the items accessible by URLs). It also affects the Advanced Menu module, so the current 1.3 version won't work with Orchard 1.4 out-of-the-box. I'll be submitting the compatible version to the Gallery tomorrow.

    You can find detailed information on the release notes page.

  • Virtual Meetup Tuesday March 6th

    Join us for an Orchard CMS developer’s meetup, which will be held online on Tuesday, March 6, 2012.

    Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2012
    Time: 8 AM Pacific, 4 PM UTC (other timezones)
    Register here (free):

    Bertrand Le Roy will present on what’s new in Orchard version 1.4.  Matt Harrington will demonstrate how to run Orchard on Azure using a 3 month free trial.  There will be time for questions from the chatroom.  No prior experience with Orchard is necessary, but consider downloading WebMatrix beforehand to become familiar with it.

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