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    Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

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  • Orchard? No harvest quite yet.

    Microsoft announced last week that it was scrapping its Windows Live Spaces blogging technology, and would make Automattic's WordPress the default blogging platform for Windows Live. Couldn't Microsoft's Orchard, the three-year open-source project to provide a general-purpose website publishing and blogging platform, come up with the goods? Sadly, it is just bad timing: Orchard is only half way through its development, which aims to deliver far more than just a blogging platform. It promises an extensible architecture and a complete set of reusable components from which you could easily assemble a web-based application that is exactly tailored to your needs, the IT equivalent of Lego. At the moment there is nothing quite like it on the market.
  • Why do Microsoft not put more effort in to Orchard instead of using Word press?

    Today I make my rounds on the usual sites to catch up with the likes of techie news and the such and I see great news that Microsoft has decided to axe Windows Live Spaces (http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-20017745-56.html?tag=topTechContentWrap;editorPicks) though I think this is a partially good idea, I cant understand there reasoning behind wanting to move to word press.
  • Orchard moving along nicely

    There are three cornerstones to a content management platform - extensibility, storage, and display. The first milestone of Orchard revolved around the first two and the next push is taking a look at the third.
    It takes a large leap of faith to retrofit the rendering system of an application. If the retrofit is based on significantly different concepts you don’t really have a choice but to enter a period of almost total loss of functionality. So here we are - jumping the canyon - looking forward to getting all of the modules back online over a new display system.
  • Upgrading my blog from Wordpress to Orchard 0.5

    Well, I have done it!! Nick Mayne is no longer a word press member, instead I have bought in to this new CMS system called Orchard. The Orchard system however is not that new to me as I have been working with it since December of 2009.
  • Adding syntax highlighter support to your site

    I know this article will get outdated as soon as the next release of Orchard is released. Still I know few anxious people (me included) who are already running sites on 0.5.x release of Orchard.
  • Building my new blog with Orchard – part 2: importing old contents

    In the previous post, I installed Orchard onto my hosted IIS7 instance and created the “about” page.
    This time, I’m going to show how I imported existing contents into Orchard.
  • Orchard vulnerability patched - please upgrade to 0.5.145

    This morning, we discovered a vulnerability in Orchard 0.5.
    We just released 0.5.145 that replaces 0.5.144 and that fixes that vulnerability. Please upgrade any Orchard instance you may have exposed to the Internet.
    Ugrading can be done by extracting the new archive over the old one (make sure that the folders coincide, for example, the Orchard.Web.0.5.145.zip archive contains an Orchard folder that really is the root of the web site).
    Before you do that though, make sure to back-up your site, in particular the contents of the App_data and Media folders, as well as any changes you may have done in Modules or Themes.
    WebPI packages have also been updated.
    If you are enlisted into the source, the fix is also be available now by synchronizing your enlistment to the latest from default or dev.
    We are sorry about the inconvenience.
  • Building my new blog with Orchard – Part 1

    For a long time I’ve been wanting to create a second, more personal blog about movies, books, video games and opinions to clearly separate the software stuff from the rest. The release of Orchard 0.5 looks like the perfect opportunity to create that new blog. I have big plans beyond just blogging for this site and the flexibility of the Orchard platform will be perfect for this. I will document the whole process here as it unfolds.
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