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Recent Posts and Articles

  • Honeypot Form Field for Dynamic Forms in Orchard CMS to Prevent Spam

    If you are having issues with bots spamming your forms in Orchard CMS but don't want to use CAPTCHA, an 'old school' method I used years ago was a honeypot form field. 

  • Add font size and font color select to TinyMCE

    TinyMCE is a great editor, but by default is not enabled the font size and font color select.The enabling of this two features is really easy.

  • Bootstrap Style Formats in TinyMCE Orchard or other CMS

    Orchard uses TinyMCE as its default content editor. While it does support basic formatting, one of the requirements for a project was to be able to support Bootstrap Typography/CSS Component styles available in TinyMCE Editor. This is possible with customization of TinyMCE configuration. This article will cover how to handle this in Orchard CMS. 

  • Recent Blog Posts with jQuery

    The recent Blog Posts widget of Orchard CMS works really well and the layout customization of a blog post is a piece of cake with Placement.info. But maybe you need to have different layouts for recent blog posts widgets or maybe you want to share your blog posts with other sites. With this jQuery script, you can do it!

  • Visual Studio Dev Essentials program has Orchard developer friendly resources

    Microsoft are running a free program called Visual Studio Dev Essentials. It has a range of useful and not so useful 'developer benefits' included in it.

    Two that I've found valuable are the 3 month free Pluralsight subscription and the free monthly Azure credits. There are a broad range of other resources included though and from the ones I've tried they are totally free-to-try, not "add your credit card and remember to cancel it before we charge you".

    The free 3 month Pluralsight subscription gives you access to a ton of topics, but there are also two Orchard-specific video courses:

    The courses target Orchard v1.4 but almost everything is still applicable today (for example Contrib.Taxonomies is now a core module, ContentParts can now take advantage of infoset and some minor admin panel UI differences) but it is a great introduction to learning Orchard.

    The Azure Developer Benefit includes $25 a month to spend on Azure for one year. If you want to spend more than that you can uncap the subscription and use it as a discounted starter package to get up and running with your website for the first year.

  • How To: Add "placeholder" attribute to Text Field in Dynamic Forms

    HTML 5, has a very useful attribute called "placeholder", it is used to display a watermark text on the input field when it's empty, but text field and text area elements in the Dynamic Forms module don't have this attribute out of the box, and we will learn how to add such attribute in this post.

  • How To: Add Custom "Dictionary Token"

    We all definitely used the tokens feature of Orchard before, which provide us a smart way to replace strings with custom data, orchard has the basic tokens built in out of the box (like: Content, Text, Url ... etc), with the ability to connect tokens in chains to be more useful and accessable, and to build more complex tokens. In this post, we will take Orchard tokens functonality to another level of dynamicity, by implementing new token called "Dictionary", to be able to support any type of objects, with dynamic chain building.

  • Thoughts: On Orchard CMS 2.0

    If you try to experiment the current Pre-Alpha of Orchard CMS 2.0, you will notice that the main focus in this version is on two aspects, architecture (Decoupling and Abstraction) and performance (Database Structure), and this is what we will briefly talk about in this post (will be explained deeper in the upcoming posts).

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