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  • Orchard Harvest 2017 – Using external data with Orchard

    Jorge Agraz is opening the conference after Sébastien Ros’ keynote with a talk about using external data in Orchard. Jorge work for Onestop, a company that builds e-commerce sites. Their web sites get their commerce data from APIs and then used to display that through their controllers with Orchard shapes. They attempted to use widgets instead of controllers, but that came with some significant maintenance problems.

  • Orchard Harvest conference, day 1

    We're reporting in live from the 2017 Orchard Harvest conference! This blogpost will be updated as we go, so make sure to check back!

  • Content Carousel Orchard CMS

    Every website needs a Carousel (Image Slider) and this is a content that I use almost in every Orchard CMS Project. So how to implement it with Bootstrap?

  • Replacing Orchard Layouts' Use of the HTTP Session With the Cache

    The Orchard Layouts' module uses the HTTP session to store data as you edit elements. This isn't great when it times out and you lose everything you've been working on. 

  • Actually Using Orchard for Blogging

    I've been developing with Orchard on and off for over five years but in all that time I've never really used it. You know, properly created lots of content; used the CMS side. Recently I decided to take a break from work and go see the world. And I have a little travel blog/diary...

  • Using MoreLikeThis in Lucene to Display Related Content in Orchard CMS

    Lucene has an awesome class for finding related content called MoreLikeThis. It is what powers the Related section on Stack Overflow, and many more sites I'm sure. So how to utilize it in Orchard?

  • Next/Previous Blog Post Buttons in Orchard

    So I'm currently building a little blog, nothing too fancy, but I wanted next and previous buttons, which don't come out of the box. First thing I did, like the good little developer that I am, was google it. So I amended my query and what did I find? A module that called Mod.NextPreviousItem, that I wrote back in 2013!

  • Weekly Podcast 02/14/2017

    Meeting notes

    ·         Status:

    o   0:12 - [Fixes #7493] TextFieldDriver doesn't export its tag if content is empty (#7510).

    o   1:01 - Merge branch '1.10.x' into dev.

    o   1:04 - Added missing project dependency for Orchard.Glimps.

    o   1:30 - Recipe description didn't match selected one (#7559).

    o   1:50 - Feature to remove a Publish Later task (#7438).

    o   2:04 - Added missing SnippetDescriptor property to Snippet element shape.

    o   2:40 - Implemented resource file has-based cache busting.

    ·         Status on Orchard Core:

    o   3:28 - Improving Pager theming.

    o   4:08 - Fix second and third level menu items in admin.

    o   4:16 - Work on the 'mvcless' branch.

    o   4:40 - Work on different branches, merges, some  refactoring.

    o   5:08 - Work on the 'static' branch which is based on 'csproj' branch.

    o   6:38 - Work on the 'nuget' branch. A test to see a nuget package can be created.

    o   6:47 - Work on the 'shape-conflict' branch which is related to the 'mvcless' branch.

    ·         Topics:

    o   7:29 - Harvest

    o   7:41 - A question and answer about renaming the repository and the project from Orchard 2 to Orchard Core.

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