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Recent Posts and Articles

  • Weekly Podcasts - October, 2015

    Three weeks' worth of Podcast videos have just been published on YouTube - check out the full playlist here or watch the individual videos:

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 Sessions

    All 12 sessions from this year's Orchard Harvest conference in Alicante are available on YouTube. Enjoy!

  • Weekly Podcasts 08/18/2015 - 09/29/2015

    We've been far behind schedule with publishing the podcast videos, so here they are! Check out the "Orchard CMS Podcasts" playlist to see the missing videos recorded since the 18th of August.

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – ASP.NET MVC 6 Tag Helpers

    Taylor Mullen was here to introduce the tag helpers that are going to be added to ASP.NET MVC 6, basically to replace HTML helpers. Tag helpers are html tag-like bits of C# code. Because they are essentially C#, you can get all the benefits of the IDE, such as IntelliSense and refactoring.

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – Orchard for tens of thousands of journalists

    Lombiq gave us a case study of Media Kitty, which is a web site with 18,000 users. This is a rewrite of a web site that was previously written with VB and WebForms.

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 - VNext

    Nick Mayne is presenting this session on not the next minor version of Orchard, but the real, actual 2.0 that’s going to happen. One of the things we’re trying to access is the coupling of subsystems in the Orchard framework. Another is making it run on ASP.NET 5. To address those, a complete rewrite of the framework is in order.

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – .NET Foundation, Future of .NET and C#

    his was my second presentation for this Orchard Harvest, so I won’t be able to exactly live-blog it, but like yesterday, I can at least post the slides. The first third of the presentation was given by Martin Woodward from the .NET Foundation, then I presented on .NET Framework and Core, then on C#6 and C#7. Most of the C# slides were provided by Mads Torgersen, so thanks a lot to him for that. And without further ado, here are the slides...

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – Forms

    Dynamic forms are an application of the layouts feature that enables you to build richly laid-out forms, and handle their submission. Sipke, our speaker for this session, is the main developer of both features.

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