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  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – Orchard Telemetry with Glimpse

    Bede Gaming is an online casino gaming company that is built entirely on Orchard. As such, they need to be able to debug a lot of Orchard code as fast as possible. For that, they use Glimpse a lot. Glimpse is a Firebug-like tool for debugging server code.

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – Theming at Onestop

    Onestop has been using Orchard for a few years now, and it’s one of the largest players in the community. They are delivering a complete e-commerce stack that is largely built on Orchard. And when I talk about a stack, this even includes product photoshoots and shipping from a huge warehouse in Los Angeles. They just handle everything end-to-end.

  • Building elements for Orchard layouts 2

    In the previous post, I’ve shown how to build a simple layout element that was using the Forms API to build its editor. In this post, I’ll show a second element that doesn’t use the Forms API, but builds a custom editor instead.

  • Building elements for Orchard layouts 1

    Orchard layouts are great, and they’re extensible. In this series of posts, I’ll show how to write your own layout elements. Custom elements are a great way to encapsulate and re-use common bits of layout. Instead of having to build everything from grids, rows, cells, text and media, you can build your layouts from higher-level semantic constructs that make sense for your particular site

  • Many ways to relate Orchard things, part 6: enumerations

    Enumeration fields are not exactly relationships, but they implement a very similar scenario. Therefore, it's useful to know about them, so that you can use them when they are relevant.

  • Weekly Podcast 08/11/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Agenda.
    • 02:23 - Status. Changes and bugfixes. Redis cache content compression. Sébastien is re-implementing cache features he already implemented, so Daniel suggested a cache feature for cache features, so we don't forget about them. 2 new branches are currently under development by Sébastien: tenantcommands and asynccache. Asynccache is az Owin middleware for serving Output Cache, which is a shortcut for the MVC pipeline to (at least) double the performance. Sipke is working on fixing that adding a dependency to a feature should automatically enable the dependency.
    • 26:06 - Demo by Russell Rice: UI instructions on DynamicForms using jQuery.
    • 38:34 - Demo by Lombiq: Git-Hg Mirror. A service for one-way or bi-directional synchronization between Git and Hg repositories. Some mirror repositories you may be interested in: Orchard Hg, NGM.Forum Hg, Orchard Application Host Git.
    • 46:52 - Demo by Andrew Orlov: VirtoCommerce Webshop. Demo to be continued next week.
    • 51:50 - Convention to follow: String.Empty vs. string foo.
    • 52:42 - Harvest (and website) updates. The EventBrite event is up.
  • Weekly Podcast 08/04/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Agenda.
    • 02:33 - Status.
    • 03:41 - Sébastien fixed a rather complex issue with the SessionLocator: concurrent sessions were created in certain scenarios in background requests. The fix was to wrap SessionLocator into TransactionManager and it will improve memory consumption and prevent DB locks. All the unit tests using SessionLocator were adapted to this change.
    • 09:11 - Besides blogs.asp.net, blogs.iis.net now also runs on Orchard and they are using Redis cache. Sébastien fixed an issue where each tenant was communicating through a separate connection to Redis, instead of using an instance-wide one. Daniel blogged about a similar issue with ICacheManager a few months ago.
    • 19:02 - Status continued.
    • 25:52 - There's only bug left to fix to release 1.9.2.
    • 28:30 - Demo by Daniel - automatic TS and LESS compilation and minification/bundling using Gulp. Gulp and all of its dependencies are now solution-wide, instead of having it contained separately in all the modules using it. These additions do not disrupt automated build/deployment processes, as the additional files are not in Orchard.Web. Usage of Gulp is completely opt-in.
    • 43:05 - Demo by Daniel - recipe (and setup from recipe) execution improvements. "Recipes" is now a separate Recipe step to execute other recipes under the same step execution ID, which means that the output will not be separated.
    • 59:40 - Demo by Paul (Bede Gaming): heavily customized, reskinned and customized Dashboard for Orchard.
    • 55:08 - Demo by Mahsa (IDeliverable): importing and exporting Aliases. Aliases are separated into two groups: Managed (completely controlled by a feature, like Autoroute) an Unmanaged (user-defined).
  • Weekly Podcast 07/28/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Status: bugfixes.
    • 17:08 - Demo by Sébastien: Tenant commands.
    • 28:45 - Harvest updates: website is work-in-progress. Location: Hotel Melia (Alicante, Spain). Date 5-6th (Mon-Tue) of October. Discussing the possibility to emphasize contributing members of the community.
    • 50:10 - Orchard 1.9.2 to be prepared soon.
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