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  • Weekly Podcast 12/09/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 Status.
    • 11:49 Demo by Sipke: how to embed Layouts elements into your HTML-editable elements using the following tokenized syntax: #{Element.Display:ElementName}.
    • 17:07 Demo by Zoltán: "Registration Spam Protector" technical content type added to the Lombiq.AntiSpam module with the JavaScriptAntiSpamPart. It creates a content item on the fly to display on the registration form to protect against spam bots.
    • 22:39 Demo by Nick: Brochard (Orchard vNext) improvements and a limited Orchard.Framework is already implemented, e.g. multi-tenancy support.
    • Abhishek will post Orchard 1.9 tutorials to OrchardBeginner.com (before the release!).
    • 30:25 Demo by Antoine: the new Orchard Project theme based on the WebAdvanced team's design and Shaun's work is under way.
    • 33:58 Discussion about the possible successor of Lync for the weekly meetings. Share your thoughts in this forum topic.
  • Dude, Where Are My Images?

    So you’ve copied some images somewhere in Orchard’s media folder, but they are not showing… What’s going on? If no media are showing on the site, chances are you’re missing a web.config file under the media folder. Put one in there. If the images are only missing from the Media section of the admin, then the problem is that you’ve created orphan media.

  • Steering Committee Elections - Voting

    The list of candidates for this year's Steering Committee elections is now final! Community members eligible for voting have 2 weeks (until 15th of December) to cast their votes - see this discussion for instructions!

  • Weekly Podcast 12/02/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • 0:19 Agenda and summarizing the last meeting.
    • 2:23 Status: Sipke is fixing bugs in AuditTrail, Piotr and Sipke are working on improving the Caching API, Azure libs updated by Sipke.
    • 10:20 Elections: we have 7 candidates (in application order): Sébastien, Sipke, Bertrand, Antoine, Piotr, Zoltán and Benedek.
      Community members eligible for voting have two weeks to cast their votes. You can vote anonymously by sending and email to vote[at]brettmorrison[dot]com as per the instructions in this discussion.
    • 30:16 Discussion about the recent caching API changes in the feature branches.
    • 36:06 Nick is working on Brochard, the basics of the next main release of Orchard, which works based on ASP.NET vNext.
    • 47:35 Interesting tweets and blogposts of the week: Orchard Seeds is an awesome Visual Studio extension that makes it easier to create themes and modules, Nick extended the Localization module for retrieving localized versions of content items using the "culture" query parameter.
    • 52:18 When is 1.9? Soon, but there are still bugs to fix.
  • Weekly Podcast 11/25/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: Piotr is working on Caching API improvements and Redis, Sipke made a lot of improvements in the Layouts and Dynamic Forms module, Sipke added custom Workflow Activities to the Users module.
    • There's one week left for Candidate submissions for the Steering Committee Elections.
    • Next Harvest conference: when and where? May or June in Europe. There are some local communities and teams to help with the organization.
    • 1.9 is late! There are bugs to fix, but it's coming soon.
    • The "political" reasons for hosting Orchard on Codeplex are gone, so moving GitHub is up to the community to decide. Source code and issues will can be migrated easily. Forum is a bit harder, but Discourse would probably work great (and all the current topics and comments can be migrated too).
    • Brochard has become a reality: it's an ASP.NET vNext-compatible version of Orchard maintained by Nick.
    • Demo by Shaun: how to customize the default Kudu deployment script to build Orchard as Precompiled and before deploying it (using source control deployment hooks). See Shaun's detailed blogpost on this matter.
    • Demo by Daniel: customizing the IDeliverable website with the Layouts module.
  • Steering Committee Elections

    The time has come this year again to vote for the members of the Steering Committee. In the next ~2 weeks, members of the community can nominate themselves for candidacy in the Steering Committee Elections. Anyone who can vote can apply to be a candidate and the criteria for voting is to have any kind of contribution/activity regarding the source code, documentation, issue tracker or discussion board since the last elections and/or to have attended the Harvest conference in Seattle this year. Community members can apply for candidacy until the 2nd of December, then community members eligible for voting will have another 2 weeks to vote: everyone has 5 votes to cast, but you don't have to use all your votes and only one vote can be cast on a single candidate. Please visit this topic on the discussion board for the list of candidates.

  • Tagging A Fake Orchard Content Item

    In my series of posts about building fake Orchard content items for testing purposes, here’s a short one that shows how to add tags to a fake content item. This one is interesting because it shows a basic case of relationship (between the item and its tags).

  • Fetch Content Type Fields in SQL

    In Orchard CMS, when adding a field to a content type, these fields get store in the database as a XML string (varchar) in the Data column of the Orchard_Framework_ContentItemVersionRecord table.

    I’ve found a great way to query this data from SQL as we just needed it for once-off reporting and writing application code for it would’ve been overkill.

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