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  • Client-side Development And A Little More Of The Orchard API - Dojo Course 9.

    This week on Dojo Course we move on to some frontend-related development and see how to use static resources and other important features provided by MVC and Orchard. After that we return to the server-side to learn something new.

    For the notes and other information about this lesson, please visit Orchard Dojo.

  • Weekly Podcast 12/03/2013

    Meeting notes:

    • New flags in configuration to disable some caching (cache.dat file), which is useful in Azure and other similar environments.
    • Zoltán showed an upload recipe feature for the startup screen. Discussion tabled on the security implications.
    • Work has been done on the web site redesign.
    • New sites: https://clubactie.nl/, http://www.aguiabranca.com.br/, http://www.singlethrow.com/, http://www.islandlincoln.com/, http://rampgroup.com/, http://www.primehondacars.com/, http://oemeyer.com/, http://www.poweroption.com/, http://www.discoversharepoint.com/.
    • Triage: 159 proposed before, 144 after.

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Weekly Podcast 11/26/2013

    Meeting notes:

    • Status:
      • bug fixes
      • logging workflow activity
      • publish later media items
      • massive improvements to multi-tenancy: common db on Azure, parallel loading of tenants, etc.
      • Sébastien writing a blog post on new Azure fixes
      • Roadmap updated for 1.8
    • Non-Gregorian calendars: Daniel implementing an option to use the calendar for the current culture.
    • Sites: http://baud.cz/, http://www.lycia.it/, http://opatoday.com/, http://www.damovo.co.uk/, http://www.tspsacramento.org/, https://www.bingogodz.com/, http://enterprisestudy.com/cms, http://cassoneassociati.it/.
    • Antoine wins funniest post of the week.
    • Triage: 160 proposed.

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • If You Are An Active Orchard Community Member, You Have Already...

    If you are an active Orchard community member, you have already...

  • What The Hell Is An Item Template?

    Theming in Orchard is a pretty vast subject. In the docs on theming for Orchard it covers a hell of a lot of content. A good overview but if you are still trying to wrap your head around what the hell is going on in Orchard, a bit overwhelming. A few people have found all the different ways of overriding displays a tough one so this post will try, and possibly fail, to address one aspect of templating: Item Templates.

  • SSL Module

    If you're still learning the new Workflow Module, Media Library, and Media Processing Module recently introduced in Orchard CMS, you'll want to add another module to learn as an Orchard Web Developer - SSL Module. The SSL Module adds Secure Sockets Layer functionality in Orchard, allowing you to enable SSL on the Orchard website. Once the SSL Module is installed you will need to enable it and adjust the settings depending on your needs.

  • Migrating content part data to the infoset - upgrading your module to be Orchard 1.8 compatible part 2.

    So you've already upgraded your Orchard module to be compatible with the upcoming 1.8 version. Since your parts now use the infoset to store data you also removed some records. But how to migrate data from the old database tables, that are otherwise not needed and should be removed? Let's see.

  • Diving into the Orchard API - Dojo Course 8.

    This week on Dojo Course we dive into the Orchard API, use some of the build-in services and extending the capabilities of our module to make it even better!

    For the notes and other information about this lesson, please visit Orchard Dojo.

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