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  • Adding Dynamic Forms Content to Lists using Workflows

    In this post we'll see how to write a custom Workflows activity that adds content items to a list. The idea is that when a content item is created, it automatically gets added to the configured list. this could be useful when for example setting up a form with Dynamic Forms that binds input fields to new content items.

  • Snipcart and Orchard CMS for E-Commerce

    While working on an e-commerce store using Orchard CMS for a client I came across Snipcart. Snipcart is an HTML / JavaScript shopping cart that is very easy to add to any website, including static websites. At first I thought Snipcart's claims of being easy were too good to be true, but after integrating Snipcart into Orchard CMS I quickly became a fan.

  • Orchardizer Version 0.3 Released

    I'm pleased to announce that after a year of procrastinating I've finally released a new version of Orchardizer with a couple of new features and more importantly, support for Visual Studio 2015.

  • Easy custom RSS in Orchard

    Orchard adds RSS automatically to everything that looks like a list of content items: blog posts, of course, but also comments, projections, lists, search results, tags, etc. I’ve explained before how RSS works internally, but adding a new feed from code can look like a daunting task if you’re not an experienced Orchard developer. Fortunately, there is another feature related to RSS that makes it possible to create custom RSS without writing a line of code.

  • Weekly Podcast 03/01/2016 - 03/08/2016

    Check out the meeting notes with time links in the description of the videos.

  • Weekly Podcast 02/23/2016

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Agenda.
    • 00:56 - Status - lots of bugfixes, e.g.: #6360 for Template TitlePart, Blueprints cleanup, #6430 for CSS in Alias UI, Title double-encoding for Custom Forms, references updated in the Azure solution, #6406 for Packages.config referencing assemblies that target .NET 4.5.2, Calendar Picker fixes, Snippets Harvester major improvement, #6411 for fixing theme code generation.
    • 05:32 - A lot of PRs merged fixing the following: #6370, #6346, #6342, #6341, #6340, #6335, #6301, #6251, #6420, #6423.
    • 24:16 - #4766: "Unable to generate RouteUrl for WebAPI" is in spotlight again.
    • 26:06 - Issues to fix left for the 1.9.3/1.10 release: #6390, #6446, #6382. Update: all fixed.
    • 51:19 - How to squash commits in Git and other repository management tips from Sébastien.
  • Weekly Podcast 02/16/2016

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Agenda.
    • 01:18 - Status.
    • 06:42 - Triaging new issues for 1.9.3/1.10: #6396, #6395, #6361, #6360, #6406, #6403, #6390, #6345.
    • 21:30 - Discussion on a new default theme to replace TheThemeMachine (see #6391).
    • 52:15 - Orchard 2 status: Fixed a security issue with notification cookies, CheckMarkModelBinder added ("✓" = true, "✗" = false), Orchard.List module ported over, FindPlacementDelegate for more comprehensive code, ZoneTagHelper added, optimized implementation of RazorPage, Zones are now tagless by default (instead of overriding Zone.cshtml to only render its content). Sébastien will demo the content tree (improved Admin navigation) next week.
  • Adding A GUID Column Via Migrations In Orchard

    How to use GUID-type properties in your records?

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