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    Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

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Recent Posts and Articles

  • Weekly Podcast 03/17/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: a lot of bugfixes in the 1.9-int branch.
    • Bug triage.
  • Output Cache Improvements in Orchard 1.9

    Output caching has been significantly overhauled in the upcoming Orchard 1.9 release. This posts takes an in-depth look at what precipitated these changes, how the new output cache logic works, and how to best configure and use it to improve the performance of your sites.

  • Using ICacheManager with Expensive Factory Code

    Using the ICacheManager abstraction to cache frequently used data can significantly improve performance in your Orchard web sites. But when the work required to create that data is resource-intensive and your web site is under heavy load, bad stuff can happen. This post takes a look at how to make your caching code resilient to such circumstances.

  • Weekly Podcast 03/10/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: a lot of small changes and bugfixes since last week, including a few PRs.
    • Check out the "1.9-int" branch for the "beta" version of Orchard 1.9.
    • ShowOrchard.com is live again!
    • The current 1.x source has a dependency on the TypeScript SDK to be able build the Orchard.Azure.MediaServices module's TS files. The dependency will be removed by setting those files' compile action to none (it won't be a problem though, since the JS files generated from them are also in the repo).
    • Harvest: London is the strongest contender, but Madrid is still in the hat too.
  • Weekly Podcast 03/03/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Agenda.
    • 02:23 - Status: bugfixes, 1.9 is almost release-ready, discussing various ways of showing/hiding content shapes.
    • 22:37 - Daniel's (IDeliverable) PowerPoint demo: a suggested rehaul of the New/Content admin menu.
    • 29:14 - Joshua's (Microsoft) and Zoltán's (Lombiq) demo: Azure Application Insights integrated into Orchard as a module, and it's open source!
    • 1:01:43 - Almost every issue resolved for the upcoming 1.9 and 1.8.2 releases. We'll have an integration branch just for bugfixes and on Thursday's Developer Meeting we'll triage any new bug reports that might be preventing the release.
  • Collecting Orchard usage telemetry with Azure Application Insights - module released

    You can't base decisions on assumptions. What you can't measure you can't manage. Familiar? Of course, and what you want to do with your software is specifically what's hinted: measure how people use it. Azure Application Insights is a tool for this, being an application telemetry service. Now we created an Orchard module for it for easy integration!

  • Orchard Layouts introduced

    Layouts is an exciting new Orchard 1.9 feature, enabling users to visually design grids and layout elements. The feature is fully compatible with grid systems such as Bootstrap. In this post, we'll have a close look and see how and what we can use it for.

  • Customizing User Registration and Login with Dynamic Forms and Workflows

    The goal of this tutorial is demonstrate how you can create a custom Registration and Login screen using Dynamic Forms and Workflows without the need for a custom module.

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