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Recent Posts and Articles

  • Dynamically Injecting Menu Items

    As most Orchard Web Developers are aware, Orchard 1.5 has an updated navigation module that supports hierarchical menus, breadcrumbs, and drag-and-drop menu positioning. But, did you know that navigation is now completely pluggable!? Navigation is indeed pluggable and I couldn't resist spending 1 hour on a Friday evening hacking together a quick sample! When you are finished with this, you can learn more about Orchard at Orchard Tutorials!

  • Sending Emails From Orchard

    We will look into the installation and configuration of a Windows SMTP Server, including some steps about security, and set up IIS and the Orchard.Email module to be able to cooperate.

  • Admin Content Search

    Here is another Orchard Tutorial based on a new feature in Orchard 1.5. We are all familiar with the Search Functionality in Orchard CMS. There is a Search Widget that you can add to your website to allow visitors to search through your various pages, blog posts, and custom content types on your Orchard Website. As an Orchard Administrator, however, you didn't have any built-in way to search the same content from the Orchard Dashboard to make it easy to find content and edit it - until now! In Orchard 1.5 we now have a new feature, called Admin Content Search!

  • Web Deploy From VS to IIS

    To be able to upload your Orchard installation to a remote server running IIS, you need to follow the same steps as described in the previous post except for one thing: since the Orchard.Web folder doesn't exist on the server, the source of the site should be an empty folder under "C:/inetpub", let's call it "CoconutWeb". So in an instant, we have an Application Pool with a running site that is empty, let's give it some content!

  • Multitenant Development Done Easily

    Orchard multitenancy is cool if you want to manage multiple sites in a single hosting environment where all the sites are "small" or doesn't require an extensive amount of custom and/or solely used modules or themes. Now of course you have to test tenants somehow locally too, so first you read the appropriate documentation page. But it can be even easier!

  • Custom Forms And Anonymous User Permissions

    Orchard 1.5 comes with a new Custom Forms Module. Although new to Orchard 1.5, the module has been on CodePlex for a while and I have been using it with all my Orchard CMS 1.4 Websites. One re-occurring issue that comes up when clients attempt to create their own custom form is the fact that anonymous users do not have permissions to submit the form by default. You need to add the permission, and here is a quick overview on how to do that.

  • Image Carousel Using Twitter Bootstrap And Projections

    There are a few great modules in the gallery that can aid you in the creation of an image carousel but with the invention of Projections this functionality has become really easy to implement with very little code. If like me you're a fan of Twitter's Bootstrap framework you'll no doubt have noticed they offer an image carousel component. This article will show you how to bring the bootstrap carousel into Orchard CMS.

  • Always Set Placement.info Build Action To Content

    When you add a Placement.info file to an Orchard module, never forget to set its build action (from under Properties) to "Content"! By default it's "None".

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