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  • Getting up to speed with Orchard - Dojo Course tutorial 2.

    How to run Orchard as a developer? What are other, more advanced built-in modules I should know about? The second Dojo Course tutorial aims to give anwers to these questions.

    For the notes and other information about this lesson, please visit Orchard Dojo.

  • First steps with Orchard - Dojo Course tutorial 1.

    What is Orchard, how to begin with Orchard? The first Dojo Course tutorial introduces Orchard to the newcomers.

    For the notes and other information about this lesson, please visit Orchard Dojo.

  • Weekly Podcast 10/01/2013

    Meeting notes:

    • Shaun Tonstad (NewCo International): builds products based on Orchard as the architectural glue, hosted on Azure. They have 60 modules. Commerce, reports, mailing lists (using SendGrid).
    • Sipke: pretty much removed the blog module and replaced it with lists. This is a great milestone.
    • Bertrand: SSL changes. Will do a pull request on Orchard to integrate that into core.
    • New sites: http://www.live.ac.uk/, http://www.winecast.com/, http://unitedtractors.com/, http://www.5starfordoflewisville.com/, http://www.rpdg.com/, http://coraweb.com.au/, http://jobappplus.com/, http://prenagen.com/, http://featuremap.co/, http://clickview.com.au/, http://www.parapolitika.gr/, http://james.newtonking.com
    • Git settings for line ending: checkout is Windows-like, commit Unix-like. Please check your git clients and ensure that you're set-up like that.
    • Triage: 169 proposed.

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • 2013 Steering Committee Election Results

    The results are in. The (not so) new Steering Committee for 2013-2014 is:

    • Sébastien Ros
    • Bertrand Le Roy
    • Sipke Schoorstra
    • Piotr Szmyd
    • Ylan Kunstler
  • Weekly Podcast 09/26/2013

    Meeting notes:

    • Election still going on, voting closes next week.
    • This week, bug fixes (taxonomy menu).
    • Changes and improvements to the extensibility of Media Library.
    • New sites: http://mombible.com/, http://chenega.com/, http://www.merrittislandlandrover.com/, http://www.appburst.com/, http://eleks.com/
    • Owin: demo of Orchard.Owin / IOwinMiddlewareProvider. Google authentication with just a few lines of code.
    • Piotr showed the fixed loop activities for workflows.
    • Triage: 17 triaged out of 166 currently proposed. More next week.

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Weekly Podcast 09/17/2013


    • Candidates: Bertrand Le Roy, Sipke Schoorstra (sfmskywalker), Ylan Kunstler, Travis James (GQAdonis), Sébastien Ros, Samuel Goldenbaum, Nicholas Mayne (Jetski5822), Lombiq (Piedone and nightwolf226), Piotr Szmyd (pszmyd), Antoine Griffard (agriffard)
    • Vote on Lombiq: pros and cons to having a company in the steering committee. Cons: me toos could arise: why just them? Who will vote effectively? Pros: it's good that companies get involved. Committee Vote: 3 against, 1 no opinion.
    • Voting will be handled by Brett, see this tread.

    Meeting notes:

    • New Jabbr room.
    • Specflow tests are back to working state.
    • ".textMedium" CSS class deprecated. Use "text-medium" instead.
    • New sites: http://www.3sstudio.com/, http://fiskalna.hr/, http://itelios.com/, http://www.futurederm.com/, http://www.carinsurancequotes.com/, http://diabetescareclub.com/, http://ogilvy.com.au/, http://www.campbellskitchen.com.au, http://originalpubco.com, http://www.slodkiefantazje.pl/.
    • Demo: Piotr shows error treatment in workflows, log activities, loop/repeater activities. Will integrate as a feature branch. "I like the colors, they are really cool" says Sipke.
    • Next week: OAuth demo by Sébastien.
    • Lombiq announced an online Orchard course.
    • Remove from gallery modules that are now built-in. Designer tools are getting several questions a week from users who installed the gallery version on top of their 1.7. We'll upgrade the version that is available on the gallery (Sébastien will do it).

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Weekly Podcast 09/10/2013

    Meeting notes

    • Added descriptions for all built-in fields so they get properly indexed.
    • Added web.config app settings.
    • Notifications in workflow to save changes, and to have a start activity.
    • Better OEmbed integration in Media Library.
    • New sites: http://www.toyota.co.za/, http://brandrepublicinsight.com/, http://transas.com, http://thelifestylepress.com/ (@stanleygoldman's company). http://www.galpinhonda.com/ (by http://www.jazelauto.com/), http://www.lqdmarkets.com/, https://www.startups.co/
    • The car dealership mystery is solved: they are from jazelauto.com
    • Demo: Sipke shows lists by building a library/book/chapter/page hierarchy.
    • Demo: Zoltán shows Download As module: content item downloading feature with CloudConvert integration and html aggregation of document hierarchical library.
    • Demo: Bertrand shows SSL module improvements. Needs a strong security review. Candidate for core integration.
    • 1.7.1 will be available this week, like every week for the past 6 weeks ;)

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • My Workflow For Comment Notifications

    Workflows in Orchard 1.7 are a damn sweet feature, and in this post I’m going to show you a very simple and useful case: comment moderation and notifications.

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