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  • Grayscale Image Filter

    Earlier I developed a custom image filter that displays copyright text and text watermarks on photos for Orchard CMS Media Processing. This time I created a custom grayscale image filter, which converts a color photo to black and white. This could be very useful for displaying porfolios and photo galleries in Orchard CMS. Image filters and media processing are part of Orchard CMS 1.7.

  • How Orchard Deals With Dependency Licenses

    Managing dependencies in any project presents challenges, but open source adds its own constraints. In the wake of the release by Microsoft of new and useful libraries that are unfortunately encumbered by unfortunate licensing restrictions, I thought it would be a good time to summarize how we do things here in the Orchard project, both to get feedback and to give ideas to others facing similar challenges.

  • Weekly Podcast 07/09/2013

    Meeting notes

    • Tutorial on dynamic permissions by Sébastien (partially shown).
    • Status of 1.7: bugfixing is still under way, coming soon.
    • Sébastien did some solo triaging and several important issues were fixed.
    • Triage: 26 active yet for 1.7.
    • HTML encoding filter for comments removed (it was added ~8 months ago).
    • Upgrading process changed a bit: if you use the old Media/Taxonomies modules, upgrading your source won't force you to upgrade to the new modules. When you decide to upgrade to the new modules, you can enable them and then start the data migration process with a few clicks. The upgrading of media content may be slow, it's under investigation.
    • New websites: http://enterprisestudy.com, http://selectcamp.co.uk (and http://patient.co.uk still runs on Orchard :) ).
    • Where the Orchard Harvest videos will be uploaded is still a question, maybe Channel9. The videos will be awesome!
    • Possible feature for 1.8: Deployment! Sébastien already has design plans, they will be revealed and discussed soon.
    • The Codeplex repository of Orchard may soon be converted to Git, while keeping the history intact. Forks and pull requests must be handled manually. Moving to GitHub is also a possibility, although less likely.

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  • Image Filters And Media Profiles

    I love the extensibility hooks in Orchard CMS. Recently I created a new activity for the Orchard CMS Workflow Module, which was a lot of fun. Now I created a new image filter that can be activated either independently though a custom media shape or as part of Media Profiles in the new Media Processing Module in Orchard CMS.

  • Easy Comment Formatting With Markdown

    I recently moved this site from BlogEngine.NET to Orchard, and I decided I wanted to offer some basic HTML formatting (bold, italic, hyperlinks, etc.) functionality for comments, but I didn't want to do any significant amount of coding. After some research I realized that Markdown syntax would be the easiest way to let my visitors add HTML to their comments, and I could enable it with just a few bits of JavaScript.

  • A Simple Diagnostics Shape

    Orchard has some great extensibility hooks. This post will show you how to very quickly use one to add a diagnostic section to the top of each page.

  • Running Orchard Locally With IIS And SQL Server

    This tutorial shows you how to run Orchard on your development machine (that doesn't run Windows Server) not with Visual Studio's built-in Cassini webserver, but using a proper IIS webserver. As the database we'll use a standard SQL Server database, that's advised for non-trivial production installations, unlike SQL CE.

  • Weekly Podcast 07/02/2013

    Meeting notes

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

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