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  • Version 1.7 Previewed

    .NET based CMS Orchard has reached the 4,000,000 module and theme download mark, and is now readying its next release, version 1.7, for a June 2013 launch. It's a major release, and it will debut features like drag and drop multiple image imports, image processing and integrated slideshows.

  • An Open Source CMS That Is Ready To Harvest

    It may not be top of mind for most people yet, but Orchard has rapidly become a robust option for a CMS on the .NET platform. It’s free, open source and already powering online stores for major brands. Now, the Orchard project team is on the verge of launching major new media management features that will rival the best-known CMSs.

  • Weekly Podcast 04/30/2013

    Meeting notes:

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  • Security patch recommended for all versions of Orchard


    A non-persistent XSS vulnerability has been discovered in the Orchard.Comments module that is distributed with the core distribution of the CMS. The module could in some circumstances let an external website render custom scripts on an Orchard website. This vulnerability might ultimately be used to gather your credentials if you further authenticate on the targeted Orchard website.

    All released versions of Orchard are vulnerable and need to be patched immediately.

    We are releasing today (April 30, 2013) a new version 1.6.1 of Orchard 1.6 that has the patch in place. This new version is replacing the previously available download. If you are downloading Orchard 1.6.1 today, you do not need to take any additional steps. The latest 1.x development branch is already patched as well. We are also releasing patch files for each version of Orchard from 1.0 to 1.6 that can be applied to existing web sites.


    • If you don't use the Comments module in Orchard, you can simply disable it in the Modules section of the Dashboard.
    • If your theme doesn't render the Messages zone, you are also safe, even if the Comments module is activated.

    Action Required

    Apply the patch for your version, update to Orchard 1.6.1, or update to the latest 1.x.

    Orchard 1.6.1: https://orchard.codeplex.com/releases/view/90325

    For older versions of Orchard, we are releasing patch files that can be applied on top of a running instance of Orchard. The archive for each of these patches contains a Modules folder that has the right structure to be copied into the root directory of an Orchard site. If you are using a source version, you need to copy the contents of the zip file into src/Orchard.Web.

  • Weekly Podcast 04/23/2013

    Meeting notes:

    • Bug fixes (home page bug, etc.)
    • Quick demo of using(Capture(Layout.ZoneName)) {...} to send razor rendering to a different zone. It's a lightweight way to do the same thing as creating a shape and adding it to a zone.
    • Media update: now available on 1.x branch, lots of polishing has been done, drag and drop of image in folders, responsive view of folders, delete.
    • Demo by Nick on inline editing: inline editing is a setting of parts. But overall, FAIL :) Needs to be refactored around shapes, with a way to explicitly map a display shape to an editor shape.
    • Zoltán has looked at integrating Glimpse as an Orchard module. Not quite working because of reliance on http modules.
    • Should we remove the URL field in the comments form? Bertrand to provide new setting to implement it.
    • 48 proposed before triage, 15 after. 227 active for 1.7.

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  • Oxford Economics: A Success Case

    The specific challenge of this project was to provide a long-overdue modern user experience for the company’s website which consisted of two major areas dealing with marketing and providing customers access to their subscription products. The website was expected to receive an average 1000 visitors and 4000+ page views daily.
    The marketing team needed to update the marketing and pay-walled site regularly using simple and effective tools in contrast to the old website which offered little direct manipulation tooling.

    From a design perspective, the new site had to be clean, elegant and simple to navigate. Oxford Economics wanted to position themselves as the top economic consultancy in the world, by conveying their global presence, a strong sense of gravitas, trustworthiness and expertise.

    A big challenge was to migrate over 20 thousand subscription products to the new backend without interrupting on-going access via the old website whilst the new one was being constructed.

    The old system had little documentation making it extremely difficult to decipher how its features should really work.

  • Workflow Module

    Looking forward to the release of the Orchard Workflow Module, which will probably be released around the same time as Orchard 1.7. The Workflow Module will probably replace the Orchard Rules Engine, which I have thoroughly enjoyed up to this point. The Orchard Workflow Module will have similar events and actions just like the Orchard Rules Engine, but offer quite a bit more functionality with various decision points that shape the workflow. I know a lot of clients would like to be able to have a workflow on how content is created, reviewed, approved, and published, and this is exactly what the new Orchard Workflow Module will address along with many other possibilities.

  • Weekly Podcast 04/16/2013

    Meeting notes:

    • Sébastien told us about the new improvements in MediaManager
    • Demo from Znowman: Tabs in the content item editor. Works with full drag&drop admin, and with placement extensions: "Content:5#tabName". Should be changed to "Content@tabName:5". Tabs will be moved to inside the white rectangle of the content item editor. Make the selected tab persist after save.
    • Triage: 60 proposed before triage. 30 after, and 211 active for 1.7

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