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  • Orchard And ASP.NET WebAPI

    A while ago I mentioned how Orchard 1.6 will be running ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET Web API, and NHibernate 3. I have already covered ASP.NET Web API in more detail in one of my ASP.NET MVC 4 TutorialsASP.NET MVC 4 Web API Routes and ApiController, but I thought I would at least give Web API a quick shoutout with Orchard CMS. As with all things Orchard, Web API works exactly as you would expect and can take advantage of the various services and extensions that come with Orchard.

  • Orchard and MySQL

    In Orchard 1.6, Orchard Websites can use MySQL as a database along with SQL Server, SQL Express, and SQL Server Compact (Sql CE). Orchard CMS Developers can easily find affordable web hosting that comes with MySQL, making Orchard a very attractive option to small businesses and developers more familiar with MySQL than SQL Server. As you will see in this Orchard Tutorial, using Orchard and MySQL is just as easy as using SQL Server.

  • Graph Databases In Orchard

    On the second day of Orchard Harvest one of the hackathon groups explored the idea of using graph databases, specifically Neo4j, in Orchard. I followed up on the topic and researched on how graph databases can play along in an Orchard module.

    You can see the progress from the discussion I've opened. I've searched for .NET graph databases but couldn't really find any up-to-date project, even .NET drivers for graph databases are scarce. Neo4j seemed indeed like the best way to explore further: it's a very popular graph database and exposes a RESTful API so other pieces of software can use it even when they don't run on Java like the Neo4j itself. Fortunately Tatham Oddie and his team developed Neo4jClient, a .NET wrapper that provides a nice interface to interact with Neo4j through its web services.

    It turns out that using Neo4jClient from Orchard is quite simple.

  • How To Put Content In Two Zones At Once

    There are a number of ways to do this (as with most things Orchard!) but one way that we’ve found that is both easy and very useful is to store the value in the WorkContext.Layout. Because it’s dynamic you can add your own property and access it from anywhere else.

  • Content Part Editors: Beyond The Basics

    Imagine that you have a Customer which in turn has two Addresses: ShippingAddress and BillingAddress. These addresses or content items, just like the customer is.

    Next, you want to create a content part editor where the user can edit the Customer fields as well as the fields of the two addresses.

    Furthermore, the Address has a Country navigation property, where Country is a simple entity class, not a content item.

    We want to enable the user to pick one of the available countries using a dropdown list.

  • LazyField Of T

    LazyField<T> is a utility class that lives in the Orchard.ContentManagement.Utilities namespace and enables you to return a value in a lazy manner.

  • Responsive Site From Start To Finish - Part 2

    You may remember from part 1 we set the scene and also got code gen working and the correct zones are all on and we are ready to go. But before I go into the next part, I wanted to explain my set up as that maybe pretty important to people out there.

  • Responsive Site From Start To Finish - Part 1

    I have been asked by my bro in law to write his comenius site which is a bunch of connected schools that show of their childrens work. The requirement is we have a home page which has a bunch of landing pages for different countries who then show off their work for the kids. Sounds great, lets see if we can knock that up in orchard so admins of particular countries can only edit their content and i'm gonna throw a spanner in the works as I also want this to look nice on a mobile device as well as the desktop, so responsive design and mobile first are the order of the day.

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