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  • Oxford Economics: A Success Case

    The specific challenge of this project was to provide a long-overdue modern user experience for the company’s website which consisted of two major areas dealing with marketing and providing customers access to their subscription products. The website was expected to receive an average 1000 visitors and 4000+ page views daily.
    The marketing team needed to update the marketing and pay-walled site regularly using simple and effective tools in contrast to the old website which offered little direct manipulation tooling.

    From a design perspective, the new site had to be clean, elegant and simple to navigate. Oxford Economics wanted to position themselves as the top economic consultancy in the world, by conveying their global presence, a strong sense of gravitas, trustworthiness and expertise.

    A big challenge was to migrate over 20 thousand subscription products to the new backend without interrupting on-going access via the old website whilst the new one was being constructed.

    The old system had little documentation making it extremely difficult to decipher how its features should really work.

  • Workflow Module

    Looking forward to the release of the Orchard Workflow Module, which will probably be released around the same time as Orchard 1.7. The Workflow Module will probably replace the Orchard Rules Engine, which I have thoroughly enjoyed up to this point. The Orchard Workflow Module will have similar events and actions just like the Orchard Rules Engine, but offer quite a bit more functionality with various decision points that shape the workflow. I know a lot of clients would like to be able to have a workflow on how content is created, reviewed, approved, and published, and this is exactly what the new Orchard Workflow Module will address along with many other possibilities.

  • Weekly Podcast 04/16/2013

    Meeting notes:

    • Sébastien told us about the new improvements in MediaManager
    • Demo from Znowman: Tabs in the content item editor. Works with full drag&drop admin, and with placement extensions: "Content:5#tabName". Should be changed to "Content@tabName:5". Tabs will be moved to inside the white rectangle of the content item editor. Make the selected tab persist after save.
    • Triage: 60 proposed before triage. 30 after, and 211 active for 1.7

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  • Testing Drivers

    If you’ve ever tried to test Orchard part drivers, you may have been blocked by the fact that the methods on drivers are protected. That, fortunately, doesn’t mean they are untestable. Those methods are still accessible through explicit interface implementations. In particular, drivers implement IContentPartDriver.

  • A C# Helper To Read And Write XML From And To Objects

    This is especially useful when writing the import and export methods in an Orchard part driver.

  • Weekly Podcast 04/09/2013

    Meeting notes:

    • Keyboard shortcuts feature: we seem to agree that implementing CTRL+S, CTRL+SHIFT+S and maybe CTRL+A would be low cost and very useful.
    • Powershell integration https://orchardps.codeplex.com/ demo next week hopefully, which would help.
    • Sébastien demo of the new media picker field. Support for audio and documents, multi-selection across folders.
    • Harvest: please register as soon as you can if you intend to go.
    • Triage: 66 proposed before triage. 39 after. 198 active on 1.7.

    Brought to you by: http://english.orchardproject.hu

  • Rendering Alternates For Your Ad-hoc Shapes

    If you start building very customized websites with Orchard CMS you will soon realize you need to be able to render shapes differently in different zones. You have options when the shapes differ by page, by using display alternates and modules such as Url Alternates. These can get you only so far.

  • Importing Your Old WordPress Posts Into Orchard

    In one form or another, I have had a Wordpress self hosted blog for the better part of 8+ years. Whether it was this blog (started September 2007), a family blog (no longer running), or other blogs; simply I have been using Wordpress for a very long time. Truth be told, Wordpress is simply the best blogging platform out there, but I want to move past simply blogging and learn to build websites. Since I cannot code in PHP beyond simple editing, I decided to leverage what I can do basic coding in .NET and learn ASP.NET.

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