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    Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

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Recent Posts and Articles

  • Profiling Orchard With ANTS

    If you've tried profiling Orchard with ANTS, you've probably gotten this YSOD message:

    Operation could destabilize the runtime

    To solve this problem, download the Orchard source and open the Visual Studio solution. In the AssemblyInfo.cs of the Orchard.WarmupStarter project, add this:

    [assembly: SecurityRules(SecurityRuleSet.Level1,
        SkipVerificationInFullTrust = true)]
  • Mirakel: A Simple Orchard Site

    Mirakel, the site for my wife's new venture is up and running, since a couple of days now and I'm happy with the results :)

    The site is based on Orchard CMS which is an ASP.Net MVC based web content management system.

    Orchard is a very active open source project led by these guys with plenty of support on their codeplex forum next to their good documentation.

  • MySQL Integration

    Today Orchard can be used with two different databases, i.e. Sql Ce and Sql Server (including Sql Express), which provides enough options not only for simple websites but also enterprise level ones requiring better reliability and performance. In the upcoming release Orchard will also support MySql.

  • How To Keep Up With Orchard News

    It can be hard to keep up with what's happening around Orchard. Here is a set of resources that you might find interesting whether you are discovering Orchard or you are already a pro.

  • SMS Notifications

    In this post I'm going to run through a quick example of how to set up SMS notifications in Orchard CMS.

  • Web API Makes It In Orchard

    Web API has been released publicly, and obviously Orchard now supports it with great help from Nicholas Mayne who made the first implementation. The question is what does it mean for Orchard to support Web API ? If you don't know what Web API is you can get some more information on the official website.

  • Commerce And Online Store Example

    I created a feature-rich example of using Orchard CMS as an online store / e-commerce website. My goal is to use it for Orchard CMS Training, Presentations, and maybe a developer group I plan to start later this year. I also like it as a great example as to what an Orchard Developer can do with Orchard CMS. This Orchard Store is packed with functionality, including: sliders; product carousels; various widgets to promote products whether they be popular, new, or whatever; social networking-type widgets like Twitter, Recent Blog Posts, etc; mincarts and shopping carts showcasing Ajax and user-friendly, responsive UX; product reviews and related products; Google Checkout; FAQ, Blog, and Portfolio; etc. Yeah, this thing is stacked with widgets and functionality that spotlight your products and encourage sales!

  • Welding On Orchard

    Orchard websites are composed using different types of content, where every content type can have one or more content parts or fields. There are predefined content types, like 'page', 'blog', 'comment', 'widget' etc. For instance, a 'blog post' is composed of multiple parts.
    You can also define custom content types within Orchard using the available parts and fields, without any coding. All the features are housed inside modules and with that, you can do anything.
    With Orchard, you can create content types that represent real-life objects, 'car', 'flower', 'stamp', 'dvd', etc. and show that (as collections) on your website.

    This article shows how to create a module to extend existing content of an Orchard website. First a little background on which main problem Orchard solves for me. Then we start building a part.

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