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  • Weekly Podcast 01/24/2017

    Meeting Notes:

    • Status:
      • 0:02 - Fix the error that was preventing the load of the settings' views of the OpenId features (#7518).
      • 0:10 - Merges.
      • 0:14 - Fixing log typo.
      • 0:29 - [Fixes #7348] Changed the SummaryAdmin view to have the same "New Translation" link as the Editor view (#7513).
      • 2:18 - Glimpse was merged (#7502).
      • 3:03 - Creating new issue: Ensure Html.ActionLink is not used with localization.
      • 4:07 - Removed duplicated line in AutomaticDataMigrations.cs (#7522).
      • 5:05 - Fixing that SpecFlow tests were not ran using the tools from the NUnit NuGet package.
      • 5:13 - A quick note about Glimpse.
      • 6:32 - Layouts: Removing incompatible (C#6) code.
      • 7:02 - Framework: Removing unused file (ContentManagement\Handlers\IdentifyDependenciesContext.cs).
      • 7:08 - Core:Removing empty folders.
      • 7:11 - Users: Removing unnecessary file copied to the Users module (see UserResolverSelector.cs).
      • 7:15 - Redis: Improving Redis extensions use of keys (#7532) (#5958 re-applied).
      • 7:25 - Improving IsLocalUrl.
      • 7:58 - Looking at TeamCity. The release of 1.10.2 is in progress.
    • Demos:
      • 10:56 - Form Submissions.
      • 13:28 - Commenting under the related PR. #7495.
    • Status on Orchard 2: 
      • 14:30 - Flow module is now in master.
    • Topics:
      • 15:20 - Orchard 2 and Visual Studio 2017.
    • Demos:
      • 24:42 - Layers module.
        • 49:06 - Widgets and layers related performance discussion.
    • Topics:
      • 58:22 - Harvest News.
      • 1:00:28 -NuGet Packages related discussion.
  • Orchard Harvest Conference 2017

    Please join us for our next Orchard Harvest Conference 2017.

    February 21 - 22, 2017 (Tuesday - Wednesday)

    The event will be held in New York, USA at the TKP New York Conference Center.

    2 Days of Community, Networking, Speakers, and Social Activities

    We are very excited about this event and look forward to welcoming members of the Orchard Project open source community from across North America as well as from around the globe.

    For more information about the event, please visit the Orchard Harvest Conference 2017 website.

  • Migrate from SQL Compact Edition to SQL Server

    The installation of Orchard CMS is really fast and you do not even need SQL Server because Orchard CMS can run with SQL Server Compact. SQL Compact is great for development and small websites e.g. Landing Pages. In this post I will show how to migrate from SQL Compact Edition to SQL Server in 5 simple steps.

  • Orchard CMS Integration with Slack Messaging

    My favorite parts of Orchard CMS are the behind-the-scenes features that you don't hear too much about, like scheduling tasks, events, workflow, etc. These are incredibly powerful CMS features and most Orchard CMS Developers I talk to rarely utilize them to their fullest. In particular, I love integrating Orchard CMS with external services, especially using Workflow, because it is incredibly empowering to drag-and-drop various components onto a blank canvas to create something very rich and meaningful to your business. And, this morning, I live coded the Slack Incoming Webhook Component from scratch.

  • Honeypot Form Field for Dynamic Forms in Orchard CMS to Prevent Spam

    If you are having issues with bots spamming your forms in Orchard CMS but don't want to use CAPTCHA, an 'old school' method I used years ago was a honeypot form field. 

  • Add font size and font color select to TinyMCE

    TinyMCE is a great editor, but by default is not enabled the font size and font color select.The enabling of this two features is really easy.

  • Bootstrap Style Formats in TinyMCE Orchard or other CMS

    Orchard uses TinyMCE as its default content editor. While it does support basic formatting, one of the requirements for a project was to be able to support Bootstrap Typography/CSS Component styles available in TinyMCE Editor. This is possible with customization of TinyMCE configuration. This article will cover how to handle this in Orchard CMS. 

  • Recent Blog Posts with jQuery

    The recent Blog Posts widget of Orchard CMS works really well and the layout customization of a blog post is a piece of cake with Placement.info. But maybe you need to have different layouts for recent blog posts widgets or maybe you want to share your blog posts with other sites. With this jQuery script, you can do it!

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