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  • Live From Seattle - Orchard Harvest Day 1

    The third Orchard Harvest conference, held in Seattle, just began! Orcharders from all around the world gathered together at the Microsoft campus to share their experiences about their favourite CMS. Click "Read More" to view our detailed report about all the sessions!

  • Weekly Podcast 06/03/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Poll about the necessity of recording the sessions at Harvest: the unanimous answer is yes, they should be recorded, despite the high costs.
    • News about Orchard CMS on CMS Wire (scroll down to "Orchard").
    • Status: some bugfixes in 1.8.x.
    • The new, Orchard-powered ASP.NET blogs are live!
    • Triage: 4 out of 291 issues reviewed.
  • Spring Harvest Challenge - Deadline Pushed To The 8th Of June

    If you're considering to participate in the Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge (module development competition leading up to Harvest), you have 8 more days to prepare and submit your project! For more information please visit the event's website and make sure you read the rules carefully!

  • Weekly Podcast 05/27/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: Sipke is working on the extension of the Templates module and in the feature branch for the AuditTrail module, the OutputCache module has been improved by Sébastien, new feature branch by Sébastien for Shape Widgets.
    • Sébastien's LoadTest application is available on GitHub.
    • Demo by Sipke: Orchard.AuditTrail module, the work of IDeliverable for MS Open Tech. Exposes API that content parts can communicate with to log events related to them, e.g. content changed, role assigned to user, comment moderated and much more. Developers will be able to write their own providers. Discussed some possible features, e.g. restoring an older version of a content item.
    • Localization updates by Benedek: investigating external tools that could replace the recently disabled localization tool. Transifex and Crowdin are good candidates, Eric suggested Mozilla's tool.
    • Demo by Zoltán: Orchard Liquid module. Orchard module that incorporates the Liquid templating language as a view engine, which will be used for DotNest tenants so users can customize their sites much more.
    • New Orchard websites: http://writersgarret.org, http://www.advantagecs.com, http://www.wowwoodys.com, http://aazop.de, http://www.euservices.com, http://www.kalpes14.gr.

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Checking Your Infoset Data Consistency After Upgrading From 1.x To 1.8+

    Many Orchard developers, including ourselves act as early adopters of the Orchard source and use the code from the 1.x and other work-in-progress branches. While it gives us the opportunity to try the new features and get the latest bugfixes, some changes introduce important bugs every now and then. That was the case lately on the 1.x branch, when a problem surfaced regarding the infoset storage: for shifted, versionable content parts the infoset data was not saved in the ContentItemVersionRecord table, but into the ContentItemRecord table instead. Sébastien discovered this issue before 1.8 release and provided a method to fix it, along with a well-detailed description on the Orchard discussion board.

  • Weekly Podcast 05/20/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: jQuery updated to 1.11.1, Specflow tests fixed, Orchard 1.8.1 incoming, several MediaLibrary fixes by Nick and from PRs by Stanley and Benjamin, Razor templating moved to a separate feature.
    • New Orchard webistes: http://www.gaudinford.com, http://houstonjewelry.com, http://www.frawgwireless.com, http://ontheborder.com, http://photomic.com, http://www.anam.pt/madeira.
    • Triage: reviewed 24 bug reports out of 306.

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Understanding Orchard's Database

    I recently found a question on Orchard's forums asking for some explanations to query data directly from the database. Here is my take on this.

  • Orchard Blog Posts Per Page Feature

    Orchard Blogs has a new blog posts per page feature allowing you to adjust the number of Orchard Blog Posts per page separate from the site items per page feature. This new feature is in addition to another new feature I mentioned in my previous blog post: easily add Feedburner URL's to Orchard CMS via the RSS Feed Proxy URL Setting.

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