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  • PHP Scripting Demo At Budapest PHP Meetup

    Yesterday's PHP Meetup in Budapest also featured Orchard. This is not a mistake: I demoed the PHP scripting engine we recently developed.

  • Training Material And Modules

    As you may noticed we have a new menu item: Training. There we collect all the topics and supporting materials not just for our Orchard course but also generally for Orchard trainings. So if you'd like to hold an Orchard training for you colleagues or fellow tech enthusiasts in you local community don't hesitate to use our materials. Just drop us an e-mail first as per the licence, we'd really like to know who teaches Orchard around the world.

  • Weekly Podcast 11/21/2012

    • 1.7: folks should pick what they want to work on and start.
    • Démo: Sébastien showed a replacement for Clay that speeds things up quite a lot and makes debugging a little easier. This is potentially a breaking change, so advanced users of Clay should check out the noclay branch that Sébastien is going to push this into.
    • JIT: Sébastien fixed the jitting problems with nHib. Half the startup time is currently jitting. We don't have control over that but can work around some of the bottlenecks. We now have a custom nHibernate (patch existed and is waiting to be integrated). This shaves 4s off the startup time.
    • We discussed changes in filters and the way they currently work and the way they should. More on that later as the vision is refined.
    • Nick demo'ed forum progress.

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  • Content Display Type Alternates For Content Parts

    The Shape Tracing feature for Orchard makes it a snap to find and override shapes all over your sites, and I use it regularly to create alternates. A common use case is to find and override a part’s shape based on it’s content type – really useful if you want to alter how a part looks if it is on a page, product, contact, etc. I found myself in a scenario today where I wanted to override a shape based on both the content type or the display type, and both at the same time.

  • Weekly Podcast 11/13/2012

    • Medium trust:
      • 2 libraries have the issue (Log4Net and FluentNHibernate: won't fix)
      • Workarounds: you can stay on Orchard 1.5, fix those libraries or get a hosting company that supports full trust
      • 4 votes for dropping MT, 1 neutral vote
    • Marketing push: Yes, we need that; Ylan is working on a plan; Let's remain humble, website needs to be re-done; We have different audiences from developer to end-users and need to talk and appeal to them all;
    • Mailing-list moderation: unmoderated, will remain that way for now
    • Site organization, Orchard TV
    • Adding tagit.js and nestedsortable.js to Orchard.jQuery? Issue recommendation in docs for modules to require external plugins using the file name without version number; Each module declares the manifests it needs;
    • Brett's demo: auto-evict cache on publish: Sébastien proposes a more optimal approach where cache entries are dynamically tracked so that the eviction can act only on those items that are affected by the publication (this can lead to hints to reverse proxies); Brett to make a pull request on contrib.cache; Works well with http://onestopdistribevict.codeplex.com/ that Brett demo'ed 6 months ago;
    • Zoltán's demo: external pages from a Bitbucket repository (relies on Bitbucket API); Please look at KUDU, the open source project that Azure uses for git publication;
    • 1.7: please look at the threads and contribute if you can: http://orchard.codeplex.com/discussions/402154; Comments, Workflow, default theme and Taxonomies are the most likely to happen; The rest will depend on contributions; Pointers to that thread should be easier to find from the Orchard Project site;

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  • Configuring Distributed Signals For Webfarms

    In this short post, Carl introduces the Webmoco.Orchard.Azure.DistributedSignals module.

  • Weekly Podcast 11/6/2012

    • Sébastien made a demo of the new commenting and anti-spam features that are already in 1.x
    • We did triage on about 38 bugs (27 are assigned to 1.7 after triage)
    • Threads have been created for 1.7 feature teams to start working: http://orchard.codeplex.com/discussions/402154

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  • Weekly Podcast 10/30/2012

    Meeting notes:

    • 1.6: Sébastien shipped this weekend and updated to solve the Dynamic Compilation issue
    • 1.7: organize content in tabs, blog theme, custom layout, media management and processing, taxonomies in core, localization improvements are now in Trello. Adding workflow, calendar / events, inline editing, content deployment, versioning (incl. widgets), comment refactoring
    • Piotr is suggesting adding a bootstrap-style UI framework to the admin. We already have jQueryUI. Let's add Orchard styles for jQueryUI for UI consistency
    • Having a search bar that is always there and has immediate results, maybe autocomplete. Modules could contribute results (media, etc.)
    • Admin UI could use some love as well. The content screen, the menu, tabs, etc.
    • We'll start threads on discussions for each of those themes
    • Sébastien to look at the comment refactoring fork (no threading or pagination for now, just refactoring)
    • Let's do select all across the admin in 1.7
    • New default theme: make it responsive. Should we use an existing css framework? Grid should at least use the same conventions as a well-known grid system. Tag cloud out of the box, using taxonomies (term cloud).
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