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  • Weekly Podcast 01/07/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: bug fixes, and deleting code from the messaging feature branch.
    • 1.8 status updated on the web site.
    • There might be a 1.7.3 for bug updates for people who don't want to make the big 1.8 jump yet. Bug fixes should be checked into branch 1.7.x.
    • Triage: 175 proposed before.
    • Harvest: getting late.
    • Sites: http://www.apospasma.gr/, http://www.structurex.net/, http://dihmed.com/
      http://www.linchiestaquotidiano.it/, https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/explore-the-collection (http://www.museum-id.com/idea-detail.asp?id=389), http://www.gigmasters.com/, http://truefitsolutions.com/m http://www.bearnibbles.co.uk/.
    • What would 2.0 be?

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Modifying Another Orchard Module's DB Schema With SchemaBuilder

    The SchemaBuilder, the service you use in migrations to modify the database schema of your module is a convenient tool. However, you can't use it directly to modify the schema of tables defined by other modules (this is commonly the case when wanting to add indices to other modules' tables) because SchemaBuilder automatically appends you module's name to the manipulated table's name... But this is very simple to overcome!

  • Last Lesson: Viewers' Requests - Dojo Course 11.

    In the last lesson of the Dojo Course, we look into a few topics asked by you! Let's see Facebook Suite, Antispam and C# scripting!

    For the notes and other information about this lesson, please visit Orchard Dojo.

  • Session Configuration Events

    Today we will see what extensibility points Orchard provides that enable us to customize, override and take control over entity / database mapping.

  • Shift To Document Storage And Module Development

    I am teaching an Orchard CMS Class in a couple weeks on developing Orchard Modules and created some examples using the new "document storage" method of saving Content Part data using Infoset. You cannot store data like this using the production bits of Orchard, but you can start playing with it using the 1.x branch of Orchard CMS on CodePlex. Infoset has already been used by Orchard for persisting field data, and appears to be a good solution for minimizing joins and select n+1 queries. I assume this means we will see even greater performance from Orchard using this new technique if used wisely.

  • Content Part Will Not Update If Invisible

    Today we decided that auto-updating our entries' urls when their names change is a rather good idea. Our entries are ContentItems consisting of our custom EntryPart, an AutoroutePart, and some more that are not important here. I thought it would be a matter of minutes to get this user story done. Simply set the correct Autoroute setting inside a migration step and it should work. Well, it didn't.

  • Weekly Podcast 12/17/2013

    Meeting notes:

    • Fixed web.config problem that required redoing config of static file folders in old modules and themes.
    • Restored the Sites.config file, that is setting Autofac defaults and transaction isolation level.
    • Fixed collision of remember me cookies on multitenant setups.
    • Demo: shape menu entries based on Razor templates. Those templates can also be used as tokens. Message queue.
    • Progress and discussion around the web site redesign by WebAdvanced.
    • New sites: http://buildwithbmc.com/, http://www.fairmontdesigns.com/, http://www.pixlpark.com/, http://www.mbwestwood.com/, http://www.seguridadvial.gov.ar/, http://lanecatering.com/.
    • Triage: 940 active, 169 proposed.
    • See you in 3 weeks!

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Useful And Interesting Services To Enhance Your Features - Dojo Course 10.

    Dojo Course is almost over, so we move on to the spicy parts of the Orchard API that enable you to do really interesting things!

    For the notes and other information about this lesson, please visit Orchard Dojo.

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