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  • Continuous Delivery for an Orchard Cloud Service in Windows Azure

    The steps in the article walk you through the process of setting up continuous delivery for an Orchard website running in a Windows Azure Cloud Service. The packaging and publishing of a complete Orchard site is easiest if you utilize the AzurePackage.proj MSBuild file included with the Orchard source code, however you need to make a few edits to get it all working. In this article we’ll go step by step through those edits needed.

  • Effortlessly Resize Images

    I’ve written several times about image resizing in .NET, but never in the context of Orchard. With the imminent release of Orchard 1.7, it’s time to correct this. The new version comes with an extensible media pipeline that enables you to define complex image processing workflows that can automatically resize, change formats or apply watermarks. This is not the subject of this post however. What I want to show here is one of the underlying APIs that enable that feature, and that comes in the form of a new shape.

  • Extending Workflows With Custom Activities

    I stayed awake way too late last night having fun extending the Workflow Module in the upcoming Orchard CMS 1.7. Just like I have done several times similar with the Orchard Rules Engine, I wanted to create my own custom Workflow Activity that displayed in the toolbox and could be dragged onto the workflow surface. Given this was my first custom workflow activity I wanted something fairly simple, but useful. After a few minutes of thought, I decided to create an activity that started a workflow when a user logged into Orchard - a Login Activity!

  • Run Recipes From The Dashboard

    Orchard CMS 1.7 is hopefully due out next week and I have been blogging numerous Orchard Tutorials on what to expect in Orchard 1.7. One of the new features in Orchard 1.7 you may find useful as an Orchard Developer is the ability to run Orchard Recipes from the Orchard Administrator Dashboard. Normally Orchard Recipes were only available as part of the intial Orchard installation, but now you can access and execute Orchard Recipes from within the dashboard!

  • Orchard Harvest: Shapes Session Notes

    Notes on the Shapes session...

  • Orchard Harvest: Responsive Design Notes

    Quick notes from one of the sessions at the Orchard Harvest conference in Amsterdam.

  • Weekly Podcast 06/25/2013

    Meeting notes

    • Sébastien is working on editing the Harvest videos and is fixing bugs.
    • Sébastien implemented the migration steps from 1.6 to 1.7 and integrated them with older upgrade implementations (Navigation, Taxonomies, Media, Content Picker, Fields, Routes).
    • 1.7 release: most probably next week.
    • Triaged every (19) proposed issue.
    • Sébastien showed CPU usage graphs on Azure, they are surprisingly low, which means that Orchard performs well even in shared hosting environments.
    • New websites: http://rembitteh.ru/ (Russian), http://bianchi-intl.com/, http://eleks.com/, http://ene.com/.
    • Governance page draft published, please provide feedback to Bertrand.
    • What do people want for 1.8? content deployment & changesets, inline editing, markdown changes, dynamic layout, WebAPI improvements, Markdown improvements, platform updates Ajax projections, module updates through DVCS, gallery reboot, Git, Powershell.
    • Some discussion about why 1.7 isn't .NET 4.5 only like we decided and voted. Will take offline with Sébastien.

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Weekly Podcast 06/18/2013

    Meeting notes


    • Sébastien is working on the encoding and editing of the Harvest session videos.
    • Pictures taken during Harvest are aggregated here and are open for view to anyone (editor's note: contact Benedek Farkas if you'd like to upload your pictures).
    • Please fill in the after-event survey for future improvements.
    • Many thanks to Ylan for organizing such a great event again.



    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

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