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  • Weekly Podcast 08/20/2013

    Meeting notes

    • There are pull request and accepted changes for the migration to 4.5 (now in a branch, yay Git!), Azure SDK 2.1, import/export for permissions and roles, TrimEnd token, decoupling Workflow from other modules (no migration issue), can and must now provide css with activities, XMLRPC/Livewriter support for the media library.
    • Maybe there should be a module for localizing dynamic values from the admin, as doing it in the po is a workaround at best (but if you do it, do it from the theme's po file).
    • New websites: http://www.unitrans.co.za, http://reachmedia.co.nz/, http://www.themorritt.co.uk/, http://jojomobile.eu/, http://www.pixlpark.com/, http://cebuanalhuillier.com/, https://www.minpension.se/, http://www.cneholidays.com/, http://www.newburghnissan.com/, http://johnbarras.com/, http://medischhandelen.nl, http://hygrowbot.or, http://www.newburghnissan.com/
    • Car seller sites seem to originate from http://www.jazelauto.com/
    • Demo from Zoltán: Orchard Watcher - Makes it possible for front-end authenticated users to watch contents, get notifications, use in workflows.
    • We still need a documentation czar. One person offered to help. Please answer in this discussion if interested in helping.

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  • Media Library And Dropbox

    The new Media Library module in Orchard 1.7 has many interesting new features, and I was particularly excited by the ability to import images from Bing via the Web Search feature which was presented at Orchard Harvest this year.

    Being a regular Dropbox user, the idea of being able to import media straight from the cloud seemed very useful, so I got to work on a Dropbox media import feature which you can now find over on the Orchard Gallery.

  • Drupal Inspiration

    I've been reading the book, Using Drupal, which recently was released for Drupal 7, in order to better understand alternatives to Orchard CMS. I also hear mentions of how similar Orchard CMS is to drupal, so I wanted to get some understanding of how Drupal and Orchard compare. And last, I offer Orchard CMS training and I get a lot of developers who are already familiar with another CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco, or Wordpress, so I like to have a better understanding of other content management systems in order to help my students relate to Orchard CMS. What I have learned from reading Using Drupal is that Orchard CMS is quite similar to Drupal in terms of concepts.

  • Adding A Field To A Content Type From A Migration

    You can add fields to a content type from a migration, but it's not obvious at first how to do this. You can't add a field to a type directly, you can only add fields to parts. To get round this you can add a secret part to a type with the same name as the type. This part is not shown in content admin, but it acts as a container for any fields you'd like to add.

  • Weekly Podcast 08/13/2013

    Meeting notes

    • Documentation: Adrian can't continue handling it. We do thank him for his work over the last few months, and we call out for a new owner.
    • We moved to Git. There have been a few pull requests.
    • Advice: don't force push unless you really want to create a remote head, and when using a private repo for your private forks, don't set Codeplex as the default remote.
    • AzureBlobStorage now available for any site, including azure web sites.
    • Content created event in Workflows now happens when the contents actually exist, making the activity usable.
    • UrlHelper now usable from background tasks, using settings instead of context.
    • Discussion about buckets: will revive lists, simplified and improved. Custom properties will die. Will be able to be limited to a content type. Will handle hierarchies. An explicit goal is to be able to reproduce exactly the blog module with it, with no weirdness. That doesn't mean we would replace the blog module with it (maybe that will happen in 2.0).
    • Sébastien showed a nice lightweight way to store part properties using xml storage if you want to store but know you never will want to query.
    • Sites: http://www.drivereineke.com/, http://www.makeitmakati.com/, http://www.sygeboern.dk/, http://www.mccoymillsford.com/.
    • Git discussion of the announcement: next time, let's advertise it on more channels (forums, mailing list, etc.), and let's give people more time to prepare.
    • Majority of Harvest videos should be available by next week.

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  • Weekly Podcast 08/06/2013

    Meeting notes

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Weekly Podcast 07/30/2013

    Meeting notes

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • The Kids Want Content, Harvest It With Orchard

    Talk to ten shops and you will get ten opinions about CMS platforms. Mostly, it is based on what they know how to do. At Northern Ground, we can do anything but will likely suggest Orchard.

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