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  • Orchard Harvest 2015 - VNext

    Nick Mayne is presenting this session on not the next minor version of Orchard, but the real, actual 2.0 that’s going to happen. One of the things we’re trying to access is the coupling of subsystems in the Orchard framework. Another is making it run on ASP.NET 5. To address those, a complete rewrite of the framework is in order.

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – .NET Foundation, Future of .NET and C#

    his was my second presentation for this Orchard Harvest, so I won’t be able to exactly live-blog it, but like yesterday, I can at least post the slides. The first third of the presentation was given by Martin Woodward from the .NET Foundation, then I presented on .NET Framework and Core, then on C#6 and C#7. Most of the C# slides were provided by Mads Torgersen, so thanks a lot to him for that. And without further ado, here are the slides...

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – Forms

    Dynamic forms are an application of the layouts feature that enables you to build richly laid-out forms, and handle their submission. Sipke, our speaker for this session, is the main developer of both features.

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – Keynote: The CMS of the future

    Yes, well, if you feel that I haven’t blogged enough today, this post is for you. There is one session that I missed in that frantic blogfest, and for good reason: I was giving it, with my friends Nick and Sébastien. I won’t detail the contents of what we said (you’ll have to wait for the video to make it to YouTube, sorry), but I can definitely share our slides. So here goes… Enjoy…

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – Case study: the NFLPA web site

    The NFL Player Association web site is a migration from a WebForms application. The team wanted a WordPress-like CMS, but running on .NET. They ruled out SharePoint and Umbraco, and went for Orchard because of its dashboard (that was 1.8 at the time). They chose to deploy on Azure.

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – Search API

    In which we learn how much of a narcissist Sébastien really is: he watches his own sessions from previous years, and learns a lot doing so ;)

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – Layouts

    Sipke made a new demo of Orchard Layouts, which have in my opinion dethroned workflows (and taxonomies before that) as Orchard’s crown jewel. He started by showing simple layout elements such as HTML and Markdown, then quickly switched into Orchardy extension and reusability mode.

  • Orchard Harvest 2015 – Orchard Telemetry with Glimpse

    Bede Gaming is an online casino gaming company that is built entirely on Orchard. As such, they need to be able to debug a lot of Orchard code as fast as possible. For that, they use Glimpse a lot. Glimpse is a Firebug-like tool for debugging server code.

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