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  • Orchard Harvest 2017–Writing a theme for Orchard Core

    In the first session of the second day of Orchard Harvest, Steve Taylor showed how to build a new theme for Orchard Core. All the pieces are already in place for building themed sites, and the work is similar to Orchard 1.x themes, except for some json file editing because of missing admin UI in places.

  • Respecting EXIF metadata in Orchard images

    I bought my first camera recently and have been snapping many awful snaps as I bumble around the world. Now, when you take a photo in portrait mode, the camera doesn't do any expensive rotating or anything, it just adds a little tag in to say that this photo should be displayed like this. So when you open the photo in your photo viewer on the laptop, bam, it looks great. Upload to Orchard? Damn all my photos are sideways. I had no clue what was going on at first but after reading a blog post about what an EXIF tag is, deeming myself an expert, I set about fixing it.

  • Creating a static toolbar for TinyMCE

    Ever tried to edit a post that has more lines than your text area in TinyMCE? Scroll down and poof the toolbar is lost. You cant do anything! It is terrible. Here is a simple extension for Orchard to make the toolbar static.

  • Orchard Harvest 2017–What is Orchard Core SaaS Framework?

    Nick Mayne is one of the main developers working on Orchard 2.0, a.k.a. Orchard Core. Orchard Core started as an MVC application, but this had several challenges with multi-tenancy and Glimpse integration. To solve those problems, Nick moved things around so MVC actually is a module instead. I found that really interesting as I had implemented something really similar when I built DecentCMS: Express is loaded as a module, for each tenant.

  • Orchard Harvest Conference 2017: Day 1

    Today was the first day of the Orchard Harvest conference 2017 in New York.

  • Orchard Harvest 2017–Scaling Orchard

    Rob King works for Bede Gaming, which specializes in providing a platform for gambling web sites. The company moved to Orchard in 2013, and has strong scalability requirements, with sites serving millions of requests per day.

  • Orchard Harvest 2017–What’s new in ASP.NET MVC Core 2.0

    Taylor Mullen from the ASP.NET team is a developer working on MVC Core 2.0. In this session, he went over the design of the new Razor Pages feature. He carefully explained what is difficult with MVC currently, in order to justify the feature. He actually started by showing what it’s not: it’s not PHP-like, and it’s not a new take on previous “ASP.NET Pages” features.

  • Orchard Harvest 2017: when output cache just isn’t enough

    Daniel Stolt and Chris Payne from IDeliverable presented some new output caching techniques that they’ve developed. The problem that they’re solving is what happens when you have to output user-specific data into rendered contents. In those cases, you want to cache the constant parts of the output, while keeping holes dynamic. This is known as donut caching.

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